Disneyland Date

 Matt and I celebrated the end of 
finals with a day at Disneyland with my polaroid!



Tired of our living room, we took our studying outside today.

which eventually evolved into this:


3 Finals Down, 2 To Go...

What to do after you've finished 3 finals and aren't quite ready to start studying for the next two?
Why not freshen up your Christmas music selection and make some cranberry sauce with Bing Crosby?

(all in the hopes of getting in the Christmas spirit and pretending that it isn't 85 degrees in here)



We have different study styles:

Manal has a calculator on her at all times.
She has never studied without the use of her lap as a table.
She frequently has hand cramps from the amount of problem solving her right hand does.
She has more stacks of paper than anyone I've ever met (with jargon that I will never understand covering them)
She's a electrical engineer major and I don't know how she does it.
My brain would explode.

Me on the other hand,
I can't study without a bazillion candles lit (ambiance is everything right?)
I don't have stacks of paper because my entire major is organized in neat (or not so neat) files on my hard drive.
If my computer were ever stolen I'd be in a big heap of trouble.
Tea (and lots of it) is a study necessity (Manal would agree).
My eyes hurt from staring at my screen so much.


Charlene's 1960s Photobooth

This weekend Matt & I got the pleasure to shoot a groovy photobooth for Charlene's 50th birthday.
Themed appropriately for the year she was born, everyone dressed from the 60s, making this our most psychedelic photobooth yet! 


This is Michelle, one of my oldest friends from elementary school.
She's doing amazing things in the film industry now 
so we met up to take a few photos and catch up about our latest endeavors. 


If you weren't sick of him yet...

You will be by the end of this post....
But I promise some non-cat photos are in the works for my blog in the near future.

But for today, enjoy some more adorable pictures of my kitty...
he's too cute not to take pictures of. 


I really don't like cats...

but this one is way too cute (and tiny and relaxed) not to like.

I apologize in advance for all the cat photos,
I blame it on never having pets as a child...



Meet Jett...
Manal brought him home from the shelter tonight, 
but don't worry, we're only fostering him for the month.
(but, after the month is over we have the choice to adopt him 
so who knows what crazy things we might decide...)

First order of business: BATH TIME!

Second order, EXPLORE!

We love him and it's only been 20 minutes.


Field Trippin' in Los Angeles.

The Red Line at Union Station

Yesterday we took our AP & Photo 2 students 
on a field trip to downtown LA.
We take the gold line to Union Station 
every year and get off at different stops 
of interest to adventure around and capture 
what each city has to offer.

Every year is different, but this year we made stops in
Highland Park, China Town, Union Station, Pershing Square,
and 7th St.....
I always forget how much I enjoy this particular field trip.

The Gold Line at China Town

Graffiti at Highland Park

My personal "monochromatic" shot in Highland Park

What looked to be public gardens in Highland Park

more Highland Park

The Pantry Cafe on South Figueroa St.

The Los Angeles Theatre in Pershing Square

 Birds at Pershing Square