Kate Graduates!

Hours after I finished finals, I was off to San Francisco to watch my best friend graduate from USF!

Happy Graduation, Kate!!
I'm so, so, so proud of you!


Ivan the photographer

This is my new friend, Ivan.

We've been meeting weekly for the last few months, going on grand adventures and learning about photography together. 
The program we've been meeting through is ending this week so I thought I'd showcase some his amazing photographs here! All the photos below were taken by Ivan.
He is on his way to a brilliant career in photography! Ivan's a natural!

The mentoring program I volunteered through is called SPARK.
(Ivan is showcased on the front page!!)

Our self portraits:

Our adventures:

We went to a dance studio and photographed dance practice:

We played with stray cats and yellow doors:

We ventured at Union Station:

And today we visited Exposition Park where Ivan decided photographing nature is his favorite:


The Trips.

I saw my favorite triplets for a couple hours last week.
They definitely aren't babies anymore!

Olivia's personality makes up for her lack of hair.
She's become the ring leader of the three.... 

Isabelle is still the quiet and calm mannered one.
She and Olivia are polar opposites...

And Riley is still as smiley as ever.
She was the most cooperative (and possibly my new favorite)....

But....trying to get all three to pose in the same picture was nearly impossible....


Jett the second.

After leaving our front door open for a few minutes, my roommates and I were surprised to find this curious little guy had wandered into our apartment this morning...

He must have known that we had cat toys and food he could enjoy....

But then his mom came and told him playtime with humans was over and they left. 

They didn't go far though. Wilson (that's what he named him) came back a few minutes later. 
I think we have a new friend. 


(Sunny) Seattle.

Last week I went to Seattle where it was unbelievably sunny!
It was such a fun week catching up with old friends and remembering 
just how much I adore the (not so rainy) city of Seattle.

(A Space Needle shot just for my Mom)

 When the sun is out, everyone in Seattle comes out to play!

A very happy diner with the best lavendar cupcake ever invented.

Only missing one person and this photo would have been complete! We missed you, Kate!