Los Angeles traffic.

Only in LA is there traffic at 10:46PM. 
Traffic so bad that you can turn your car off without anyone noticing.
Luckily, Local Natives and I have become very good friends lately and I had a fully charged iPod for the duration of my sit.


I've never been one for exercising, but lately I've found my legs more willing to walk places,

So taking advantage of this willingness, Matt & I took an evening El Monte walk and ended up at his elementary school where we took some bokeh enthused photographs.



Grandma Grandma's funeral inspired me to attempt propagation 
(basically meaning: growing roots out of a cut stem).

I'm still in the process of propagating some carnations from her funeral 
(with little knowledge of whether it's working or not)


today I was SO excited (how lame do I sound?) to notice that the basil stem I started propagating a few weeks ago has roots!!!

I wasn't 100% sure if it was possible to propagate a basil stem, 
therefore lies my excitement.

You can stop laughing at me now....



I made this little graphic because it wasn't super clear what "photo aggregate" meant.

Now, yes, I did only choose this phrase (as the web address) because every other possible address is currently taken by some hopeful blogger who created their blog in 2006 and has yet to post...
but I've come to like it! And hopefully you have too with help from my dictionary-like illustration (or maybe without the dictionary illustration -- either way is okay with me!)

As for this blog, I'm REALLY excited to have a new, fresh face to my photos 
& I'm also pretty excited not to have to take a photo every day (although it will stay frequently updated).

so, Welcome! 
Thanks for following me to, yet another, new blog!

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Double exposing in Knoxville, TN ....

June 10-11, 2010
Walgreens 35 mm color film.
Canon TX.
film loaded through twice.

While Hunter & my parents sat through hours of boring lectures this summer (for UT orientation),
My 35mm & I ventured around Knoxville and captured the campus/city on film .... twice.