This is my Nana.
If you've ever met her then you probably recognize this view, and if you're like me, you absolutely love it.

You can find her standing behind her camera at all family functions and when we joke that it's time to upgrade to digital, she explains that her film Canon is the only reason any of us ever see printed photos from our family adventures (...and I hate to admit it, but she's right).

I joke that it's also time for her and my Papa to get a computer, internet, and a cell phone...but they aren't quite ready to join the 21st century (and the truth is, I really don't blame them).

and this is my Papa.
He taught me how to shoot a gun, drive manual and secretly loves me more than the rest of his grandkids (ok, that might not be true...or is it?).


Manal & I shared an apartment for three years.
With some help from our living room lighting, our favorite spot to drink tea and talk about our day was our patio.
Before we moved out, we had one last late night tea party which we documented with a roll of Ilford Delta 3200 film. 
These were my two favorites.


Last week we lost our 14 year old black grey lab, Captain.  
(I say we even though he wasn't technically my dog...but it sure felt like he was)

I've never had a dog, so he was as close as I've come to a furry, four legged companion. 
I certainly was not expecting the quietness that has come with his passing. 
The house still feels a bit empty without him lying down next to us in whatever room we're in. 
We miss you, Cappy


Meet the Bichell family.
I met them in San Diego about 7 years ago and when they moved to Nashville, they brought my family with them!
When I was home last month I was fortunate to spend an afternoon
drawing on their chalkboard, frolicking in their field, and catching up with all of them. 
Thank you, Bichell family for being such a joy and blessing to my family all of these years!


Meet Josie.
She's the sweet daughter of the lovely Russell family.
I got to meet them while I was in Nashville last month and we had too much fun dressing her up and taking photos all afternoon!



Last March I met Mary Chrisman of Floataway Studios. Mary owns a wedding and lifestyle photography business and was looking for an intern to assist her at weddings and with post-production editing.  I found out about her need for an intern via twitter and contacted her expecting it to be somewhat of a long shot.  We met for coffee a few days later and we immediately clicked...in fact it was sort of weird how much we clicked...it felt more like I was catching up with an old friend than meeting someone for the first time.  Low and behold, I got the job!

I spent this last year shooting all kinds of weddings and learning all things wedding related with Mary and also with my good friend, Marissa of Maharaj Photography.

Mary recently hired me on her staff as an associate photographer so I've begun booking my own weddings for this coming year! I'm so, so excited for this new journey.  Stay tuned... I'll soon have a wedding/lifestyle photography blog linked to Mary's Floataway Studios' blog, but for now these are a few of my shots from our more recent weddings.....


I apologize for my short hiatus...
I seem to have abandoned the blogger world since June, 
but I'm back and ready to put some new work up!
Stay tuned!