LA County Hospital.

Growing up, my mom worked weekends as an RN at LA County Hospital.
Every so often we had to take her to work in the mornings which I always dreaded because I thought the hospital was haunted.
Today, it looks even more like a haunted mansion since it's (mostly) vacant. 

This week I was in East LA and on my way to the freeway I spotted the hospital a few streets away so I decided to take a drive down memory lane.

These are a few of the small details in the creepy parking lot that brought me right back to 6AM Saturday drop offs:


rain, rain (don't) go away, come again another day

It's been a very gloomy day here in Los Angeles.
I know most think I'm crazy, but I love it,
especially on a lazy Sunday like today!


It's not often that my cousins let me take
photos of them, so today I took advantage!


Just a Few Things...

I'm doin something a little different today.
I haven't taken any photos lately.
So instead,
here are a few things that have recently caught my eye...

I'll shoot/post soon!
Until then...enjoy this random assortment of fun!