Although there's nothing actually to be scared of... I don't particularly enjoy walking to my apartment when the laundry room is being utilized (at night) because this the spooky staircase I get to walk up in order to get to my building.


Tyler & Lauren are Engaged

Matt's brother, Tyler (can't you see the resemblance) has been dating Lauren since they were in early high school (they're somewhere around 24 now).
We've all been waiting for the day they announce their engagement and it's finally here!
Congrats T & L!



My first Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.
It resembled a circus as we entered (I know, kinda weird, but kinda fun)
It was completely overwhelming (in a good way)
I bought a few awesome things.
And spent time with good friends.
See you next month!

Jewelry... $10
Better Jewelry... $20
So good it doesn't even need to be taken out of the bag.



Last week Manal visited Pasadena with me and
I, of course, neglected to take any other photos during our adventure...
but here's one...

We enjoy Intelligentsia.