Field Trippin' in Los Angeles.

The Red Line at Union Station

Yesterday we took our AP & Photo 2 students 
on a field trip to downtown LA.
We take the gold line to Union Station 
every year and get off at different stops 
of interest to adventure around and capture 
what each city has to offer.

Every year is different, but this year we made stops in
Highland Park, China Town, Union Station, Pershing Square,
and 7th St.....
I always forget how much I enjoy this particular field trip.

The Gold Line at China Town

Graffiti at Highland Park

My personal "monochromatic" shot in Highland Park

What looked to be public gardens in Highland Park

more Highland Park

The Pantry Cafe on South Figueroa St.

The Los Angeles Theatre in Pershing Square

 Birds at Pershing Square


San Francisco Touristy Tourists

It is Anja's first time in San Francisco, 
so we did our best to introduce her to all things SF today....

Birthday present display for Kate's birthday #22.

It's Kate's birthday weekend so I drove up from LA and Anja flew down from Seattle 
to adventure around the city and celebrate Kate's big 22 with her San Fran friends.

What do you get when you hop a fence with your tripod and camera remote?
Really fantastic Golden Gate photos with your besties. 


Lavender, thyme, and other potted plants.

What do I do on a rainy day?
I go to class.
But then I come home, sit on my patio, pot my herbs, listen to Billie Holiday 
and take in our really spectacular view.

This view is the finest in the Valley.



Yesterday was our four year anniversary!
I wasn't expecting to see Matt since we both had a full day of classes,
but he outsmarted me...
With his best friend Kyle, fresh salmon, and crepe makings in tow, 
he surprised me (& my roomies) with a delicious homemade dinner.

Because my boyfriend is a coffee geek, I bought him a
 Chemex coffee maker....
(which he geeked out about, as expected)

Matt made me the best gift yet:
a series of line drawings mounted on wood planks,
(which I quickly added to my wall chaos!)


For those of you who haven't heard me vent about my ridiculous major, it's well... ridiculous.
These are my friends Katie & Robyn who have been alongside me in all the ridiculousness the last 1.5 years.
As of this semester, Robyn unfortunately isn't in our major anymore, but tonight she was staring in Jackyl & Hyde so Katie and I couldn't miss her debut (and a reunion!)

Propagation (continues)

The propagation of my basil stem continues...
The next thing on my TeuxDeux list is to buy some soil & get this thing out of my room.

For those of you who care (I realize that may only be my Mom), 
I added lavender, thyme, rosemary and lettuce to our patio garden yesterday.
It's officially very green & herby outside our living room window.