This is my roommate of three years, Manal.
We've had our fair share of dinner parties, late night tea parties, homework parties and dance parties. 
She just graduated and I'm so excited to see all the crazy technical things she's going to do with her new electrical engineering degree.

Congrats Manaly! I'm such a proud roomie.

Then Manal made us switch places:


mindykay said...

oh Meghan, you never cease to awe me with lovely photos. I'm taking a photography class to learn how to operate my new camera (ah!!) in manual mode, and I must tell you- it has given me an even greater appreciation for people like you and Marissa who seem to effortlessly create such beautiful images. Thanks for sharing your skills, God has done a mighty work in you! :) xo

Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

Beautiful photos..... Congratulations Manal and blessings to you in your future!!